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Silencer pumps in laboratory technology.

Fluid control in health care technology: In this industry, precision can sometimes save lives. The customer researches, develops and produces pharmaceuticals and laboratory products. A field in which accuracy is of utmost importance.

A peristaltic pump was being considered for a new instrument, which was performing poorly for the complex application involving different fluids that have to flow evenly.

DPP and the customer created a joint team and came up with a custom solution built on the Silencer Series. It was tailor-made for use in this device and its purpose is to ensure that reagents flow to the precise microliter, and do so reliably throughout the entire life cycle of the instrument.

For our customers, this means: unequivocal reproducibility, little to no reagent losses, as good as no downtimes. In short: a significantly improved return on investment.

Silencer Series Gear Pumps

Long service life, quiet, low pulsation - the Silencer Series can be used in a variety of different applications: Either in the version with additional electronics or the Silencer Smart version with integrated control electronics.

Certifications at a glance

We have the high-quality workmanship of our products certified by independent bodies on a regular basis. Take a look at our certifications.

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For us, quality is more than just a statement: Our quality commitment is the guiding principle that we base our day-to-day work on - to ensure that your pumps function perfectly.